BangBang Robot Patient Lifter

Bangbang Robot is ergonomically designed to provide users with a convenient and versatile transfer solution. Through Bangbang Robot, the disabled people can realize to stand up easily and  to transfer freely. They can communicate with the others in an equal perspective. It would make their life more independently and reduce the caregiver burden.


Bangbang Robot is a device which combined the smart power wheelchair, the standing frame,the displaced machine, the lower limbs training device, and the wearable robotic assistive device such as ARGO.

Reduce Caregiver Burden

The user can remotely control the robot via APP to their up-front, board from the back of the robot, have their waist, knees and feet firmly fastened and protected by easily wearing the device and use the upper limbs with the assistance of the force of the swing the arm to pull up the body upright to the standing position. User-friendly operating with just 40 seconds to realize transfer from sitting to standing up.

Compact Transportation

By using the control panel, users can switch their body position in any angles between standing and sitting to meet the demand of varied life scenarios, have their hands truly free and live an independent life.

Safety and Comfort

Getting on from rear to avoid fall risk, low center of gravity design prevent rollover. Built-in sensor test all the accessories to run normally, one-key alarm to position actually and send out SOS to the urgent contact person.

Adjustable modules could help users achieve a comfortable experience.

Applicable People

  1. People who cannot walk or sit independently and people with muscular dystrophy (upper arm and hand function are above grade 4) for various reasons including: nerve paralysis (stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy) and other neurological diseases;
  2. Severely weakened elderly (upper limbs and hand function above level 4) who cannot walk or sit independently,

  3. ICU patients who need short-term transfer aid after his/her condition stabilizes.

Bangbang Robot Demonstration