FixSit Postural Evolution System

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews(ESSR) showed that we have more than 71% of our time to sit. There are 92% people would not keep a good sitting posture at all time  according to the survey of Pollster Online Survey.

Poor sitting posture for a long time would easily lead to shoulder and neck pain, back pain, and even worse, would lead to degenerative symptoms such as scoliosis.

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people had poor sitting posture

FixSit is FUTURE

FixSit is an innovative and unique system that avoids postural pains caused by the way in which you are sitting and prevents low-back pain in all of its forms, even in case of evident pathologies. FixSit system means FUTURE: protect your back today to feel better tomorrow!

FixSit is EASY

Using FixSit is an easy and non-invasive process: once set up (FixSit is personal and custom tailored) by a FixSit Physiotherapist, you will only need to place it where you want to sit.

Everyone can use it: children, adults and elderly people without any exception (also in pathological conditions that require using a wheelchair) and it is particularly suitable for offices, schools and cars or for all those who perform activities sitting down.

With FixSit solving postural problems is EASY: you just need to sit down!

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Getting a Tailored FixSit

FixSit is a Fisiopathy project: a dynamic, young and entirely made in Italy start-up, born from the desire of improving everyday

life for each of us, in terms of wellbeing and health. A constantly evolving reality that believes in the contamination of ideas, innovations and the power of Italian research.

FixSit is FISIOPATHY: change your habits radically to improve your day!


You can become a FixSit Physiotherapist by taking the courses. This way, you will have one more tool to cure low-back pain, back pain, cervical pain and scoliotic attitudes. You will only need 8 hours to become a FixSit Physiotherapist, once qualified you can benefit from company technical support and advertise your study on http://www.fisiopathy.com.

With FixSit you do TRAINING: courses will give you important credits for your profession!