Just Walk Gait Training Device

Just Walk is a new treatment technology developed by Israeli startup Salute. It is mainly used to improve the training benefits of gait training in rehabilitation therapy for patients with stroke or other nerve damage. It is designed for patients with stroke or other neurological diseases which can be used daily at home at low cost.

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Just Walk can cover the entire continuum of rehabilitative care, starting in the inpatient hospital unit, progressing to the outpatient clinic and continuing in the home. It can be fitted to all patient sizes, support both upper and lower extremities. The device clipped onto a wearable belt, it can be clipped on each side for right or left patient injury or for both limb at the same time. The resistive force can be easily adjusted by the patient.

A thin cord extends out from the device attaches to a strap harness slipped around the patient leg, when the leg stretches; the cord extends out of the device and exerts a gentle continuous linear resistance which requires a greater effort to stretch the leg, when the legs swings back the cord folds  back into the device.



Salute’s technology (patent pending) designed especially for “Home user” patients, its intuitive and user friendly for neurological and elderly patients. Salute’s device applies an adjustable linear resistive force throughout the full swing of the limb, that linear force increase the proprioceptive feedback to the spinal cord and brain, limb muscles receives an improved signal resulting in a rapid improvement in the limb’s movement.


  1. CVA (Stroke)
  2. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)
  3. SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries)
  4. Foot Drop
  5. Parkinson
  6. MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  7. CP (Cerebral Palsy)
  8. Orthopedic
  9. Elderly

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