Ribcap Protective Caps

All People regardless of ages can suffer from a head injury if they accidentally fall. This will remain a very serious and growing problem for as long as people neglect the importance of soft helmets. Ribcap cool headgears are unique, effective and elegant, and that is why people love wearing them in any setting and season!


Every injury is different and every fall or impact produces other forces and has other effects. The Ribcap provides a good protection at the moment of an impact on slippery surfaces (for example slopes, ice rink or snow-covered roads) or when hitting your head against round objects. But it almost doesn’t protect you from sharp objects (for example a ski stick) because of the soft protection material. The Ribcap provides protection against scratches, abrasions and cooling.


High-tech protectors made out of V10 are sewn-in in every Ribcap. These are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures.

  • The laminate V10-SAF has the following characteristics:
  • Energy absorbtion thanks to viscoelastic properties
  • Protection effect also in cold and wet conditions
  • Light weight
  • Porous and breathable
  • Free of solvents

Shock absorption capacity

RibCaps consist of a specially tailored thick breathable protective foam. The shock absorbent foam protects against head injuries.

Water repellent

RibCap utilizes water repellent material in its products. It protects itself and ultimately your head from rain or accidental pouring of liquids.


While you are concerned about injuries caused by seizures, your protection against dirt and germs is also important. RibCap is washable, and it sure doesn’t lose the quality of its fabric with a gentle wash.

Ventilation and cooling

Your RibCap has ventilation and cooling capacity, which ensures the flow of air and prevents you against that extra heat. It keeps the flow of air and doesn’t allow sweat to stay.


Your RibCap is foldable. You can keep yours in your backpack, and it doesn’t get de-shaped. It’s flexible, and it’s foldable.

All season

The modern technology of breathable foam with automatic cooling ability allows your RibCap to be used in all seasons.

Quick Dry

RibCaps dry quickly, removing the possibility of accumulated sweat, and allowing you to keep your soft helmet on for an entire day.

Chin straps included

Each Ribcap soft protection helmet is provided with a removable chin guard that allows for extra protection when needed.

Applicable People

  • Reducing impact during autism head banginggeneral autism & epilepsy helmet
  • General seizure helmet
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • Cerebral palsy & reduced mobility disorders oncology
  • Soft helmet for special needs and other disabilities
  • Everyday head protection
  • Soft protection for active kids and adults
  • Prevention of bumps and bruises
  • Use as a soft helmet for non-high-risk activities
  • Recreational iceskating, curling, hiking, …
  • Use as a safety soft protection for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Head injury recovery
  • Reduced stability and mobility
  • Staying active and feel secure
  • use as a fall injury management device
  • Use as your everyday head protection
  • Seniors with special needs and other neurologic disorders
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